Diwali Away From Home!

It is Okay, it’s called Life. Diwali is a time for friends, family and home. Well, you can say that about all festivals. But one may not miss home as much on Holi as one does on Diwali. Setting up the lights, finding money in nooks and corners during the cleaning, waiting for puja to […]  Continue reading

Where Are You Going To Be?

Dating has come a long way in India. It is no longer about stolen glances across the coaching class and hand holding hidden from the world. The young millennial is fearless, open and knows exactly what he wants. Well, their dating preferences are changing accordingly. No more beating about the bush and no more taking […]  Continue reading

Pokemon Rewrites History.

In 1995, Satoshi Tajiri created a fictional character franchise called Pokemon which started as a video game. Soon it took the world by storm so much so that it gave birth to the craze called Pokemania. Using hand held consoles the humans, called Pokemon Trainers, caught new Pokemon and trained them to fight each other. […]  Continue reading

Saving it for the Posterity!

What is a photograph? Sounds innocuous but try answering. What really is a photograph? A memory, a celebration? To me, it is a worthy moment captured for all eternity (or at least, till the copy survives). Come to think of it, is it not so? A moment, be it beautiful, tragic, pregnant, poignant, awe inspiring, […]  Continue reading

What’s your Pro-Code?

Programmers do not live on the normal 3 D plane. They live in some alternate universe, uninhabited by non-programmers. That is why nobody else can understand them. Move over bro-code, below are some things only pro-coders will understand: 1. Compiling apprehension People feel anxious when they are awaiting a result, meeting a date and for […]  Continue reading

Perks of Living in the Campus!

It is obvious that college comes with responsibilities and major decisions. One of the major decisions one has to take is that whether to live on campus or off campus, especially when your college is miles away from your native home. A fresher has a lot of options from flats on rent to PGs in […]  Continue reading

How to complete DU application?

A student / parent should have the following in place: • Email ID – If don’t have an email id till now. Please create one before you start registering on the site. • Mobile number – This number should be 24*7 active throughout the admission process. • Soft copy of all the relevant documents like marksheet, identity proofs, […]  Continue reading

Get Panda Love With CoHo!

Ordering food online in India has never been this easy. Thanks to foodpanda, we have access to thousands of restaurants in 100+ cities across the nation with a single app. Old news? Well, since you already knew about this amazing app, you must now know that it is CoHo’s new privilege partner. Awesome news for […]  Continue reading

Shit Mommy Says

So here is a blog dedicated to our soothsayer, sugary sweet mothers. Watch out for Shit Mommy Says! To girls: You are our home’s respect, please take each step very carefully. When pressure comes from fathers, moms are often seen taking all the precautions that her little girl never crosses the line by constantly reminding […]  Continue reading

Grand IPL Match Screening At CoHo

CoHo and Shuttl host an event and the crowd doesn’t encore. Impossible. So when people booked Shuttl to CoHo and came in huge numbers to join the grand match screening of Delhi Daredevils Vs Kolkata Knight Riders, it proved to be a phenomenal success. Cricket enthusiasts surrounded the big screen and sat relaxing on the […]  Continue reading

Better Living & Free Thinking!

With what many call the fourth industrial revolution, the digital revolution has broken all the boundaries that once restricted free flow of information. Today’s millennials’ thirst is quenched only by accessing as much information as they can from the internet. The philosophy of 19th-century free thinker William Kingdon Clifford holds true today more than ever […]  Continue reading

Navratri Clichés!

Navratri is an important festival in Hindu culture and its celebration brings together devotees to worship in unison the nine forms of Devis. Where on one hand we see rigorous traditions being followed, on the other hand there is a plethora of mainstream funny tag lines that have developed over time and that never fail […]  Continue reading

From Formal To Informal

With the wave of startups coming across the world, the formal attire that was once stringently followed across corporations is on a decline. The digital nomads and millennials are coming up with cool avatars to change the dress code for the better good. So let’s take a closer look at what all changes have come […]  Continue reading

Summertime Happiness!

Winters are just about to take its last breaths for this season and the sun is rising and shining high. Yes folk summers are around the corner. Apart from the extreme heat that never fails to annoy us and bring all the tan along, there are a lot of fun elements that every Delhiite always […]  Continue reading

7 Benefits of Working with a Startup!

‘Startup India’ action plan clearly evidences that even Government of India recognizes and acknowledged the importance of well financed startup companies to the economy of the country. Startups are also great places to work at and even though starting your company is the best thing, working for a young and dynamic startup is a close […]  Continue reading