10 Sites To Keep Track Of New Ideas Shaping The World!

Let’s keep the introductions to ourselves and without wasting any time let this wonderful list do all the talking! 1. Fast Company Fast Company magazine is one of the most creative piece of business media brand you will ever come across. Telling about innovations in technology, leadership and design, Fast Company’s four creative sections CO.DESIGN, CO.EXIST, […]  Continue reading

Better Living & Free Thinking!

With what many call the fourth industrial revolution, the digital revolution has broken all the boundaries that once restricted free flow of information. Today’s millennials’ thirst is quenched only by accessing as much information as they can from the internet. The philosophy of 19th-century free thinker William Kingdon Clifford holds true today more than ever […]  Continue reading

Navratri Clichés!

Navratri is an important festival in Hindu culture and its celebration brings together devotees to worship in unison the nine forms of Devis. Where on one hand we see rigorous traditions being followed, on the other hand there is a plethora of mainstream funny tag lines that have developed over time and that never fail […]  Continue reading

Chalo CoHo, Jugnoo Se!

CoHo welcomes the Alibaba of Auto rides as it’s new privilege partner. Jugnoo is an on-demand Auto Rickshaw App offering reliable, yet affordable auto rides and making daily commuting for common people  easy and hassle free. It is fast, affordable and convenient. Save up to 32% on total costs/fare compared to regular auto rides. The […]  Continue reading