5 Reasons Why Kamla Nehru College Is The Best!

Students going to Delhi schools do everything but succumb to stereotypes of the ‘talkative, silly brat’ kind; which has been the root cause of engendering a feminist sensibility that defies and relentlessly challenges patriarchal societal structures. And KNC proves to be one such college that helps remind the society that there’s so much more to […]  Continue reading

LSR: Not Just a College, But a CLASS in itself!

Har ladki ka khwaab, har placement ka jawab-Lady Shri Ram! Might sound as a cheesy tagline of a clichéd advertisement, but nothing can describe this outstanding college better. LSR has been every girl’s dream, and why it wouldn’t be, the college comes with everything. Beauteous lawns, stunning girls, concrete faculty and superb location, LSR has […]  Continue reading