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ABOUT Cyber City

Paying Guest is the most preferable option for a hideout near Cyber City since it is cheap and does not require any maintenance on the part of a guest. PGs also keep homesickness at bay since you get to live with your peers in a homely environment with not so bad food service.Here’s to inform you about all the good PGs around Cyber City, Gurugram in order to ease your stay in a strange city. You can choose as per your convenience and comfort. The first basic thing that you should keep in mind while looking for a PG is obviously – Security. Second, comes the cleanliness and hygiene. Third, is worth for your money! Generally, the average rent for these PGs is between Rs 8,000 – 15,000. The cost may or may not be negotiable. Also, we avoid suggesting a broker or any sort of mediator in matters like these and provide you the list of Zero Brokerage or no brokerage hostels in order to avoid any sort of fraud or miscommunication. So, ‘Choose wise, Choose well!’ These kind of accommodations are very much comfortable. Also, Cybercity is the best area to live in for the people who are working around this place. There are many good places to hang out with your friends.Companies in Cyber City: * Accenture * American Express (AMEX) * Deloitte * KPMG * IBM * Google * Ericsson * PWC * Expedia * Yes Bank * Pepsico * Arvato * Standard Chartered * Samsung # Paying Guest Near Cyber City # PG Near Cyber City # Paying Guest in Cyber City

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  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Metro Connectivity
  • Commute
  • Movie Theatres
  • Nightlife
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Rent includes

  • noun_863403_cc Comfortable Beds with Mattress
  • noun_411269_cc Wardrobe & Side Table
  • noun_451706_cc AC
  • noun_474734_cc Geyser
  • noun_756169_cc TV with DTH

In this Area

Wendy's 0.8 KM
Olive Bistro 1 KM
Angrezee Choupal 1 KM
DLF Mega Mall 2.2 KM
JMD Regent Plaza Mall 2.4 KM
Baani Center Point Gurgaon 4.3 KM
Vodafone Belvedere Towers Metro Station 0.6 KM
Atlas Chowk Bus Stop 0.6 KM
Sector 18 Bus Stop 1 KM


The pgs near cyber city are pretty decent. The majority of the crowd is working and also bachelors so they need a fully furnished flat. They are often from different cities who have moved in gurgaon for their jobs or education and therefore good flats are a prerequisite.

Unlike other pgs in gurgaon, coho offers a community. It frequently hosts a gathering in the form of social events like pyjama parties and things like that where the people living in the coho flats get to meet each other, mingle and form new friendships. That is not provided by any other pg.

Actually they are quite affordable. A lot of people working in cyber city live here. It also has some students living in this area and since the budget of students or even people new to the corporate life isn’t a lot, affordable pgs are the only way they get to stay near their workplace.

Not at all. One of the benefits of coho being a formal organization and not an independent broker is that the company is very professional with things like advance deposits. The deposits are returned to the respective tenants within a fixed time as soon as they leave the pg.

Well that is one issue that the tenants of the coho flats do not have to deal with usually. Since the coho team does everything from showing you the flats to helping you move in, they are basically the middlemen and take care of your issues and you don’t have to deal with the land lords.

Not unreasonable ones. These flats are not like the traditional pgs. They are kind of like a hybrid of pgs and flats with the best of both. So there are no unreasonable restrictions that you might have to face in traditional pgs or flats with the landlords living upstairs and judging you.

These pgs are absolutely safe for girls. We understand that it is hard to leave your home and move to a different place. Even harder for the parents when it is their daughters. So the least we could do is find you a place that is safe enough for you to call a second home.

That is the general stereotype and usually boys pgs are found to be messier as compared to the girls pgs. But we do not take that fact for granted. We believe that everyone deserves a clean and hygienic place to stay and therefore we ensure that the pgs are perfect for you.

Gurugram is a city of bachelors and students and professionals. This fact is not lost on the city itself and so you will also find a number of places that offer a great nightlife. These places include dlf cyber hub and sector 29 market that are the hubs of pubs and lounges.

As the name suggests, cyber city is is a hub of corporates. Many of the huge international names have their branches here. These names include corporate biggies like expedia, deloitte, dentsu, KPMG and many more. This is what makes this place even more attractive.