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Lodging near DLF Phase 3 is more affordable than its surrounding areas. People choose to live as a paying guest since it is more convenient for people who are working in the nearby offices, because they do not get enough time to look after both the work and home. PGs are convenient since most of the house owners provide 2 times meal in the same deal you’d rent a hostel. Accommodation is convenient in PGs. Also, it is better to talk to the one who owns the house when you are planning to rent a PG than to go to a broker, because that way rent can also be negotiable and you wouldn’t have to pay the commission which is too high than it should be. So, we must always go for zero brokerage flats or a PG without brokerage because a broker only complicates things. While you look for a PG on the internet, do not book any at once, plan a visit to the one you would like to live in and then decide, because pictures are deceiving in most of the cases. Also, always consider talking to the people who have been the residents of the same in order to obtain a second hand experience. Whenever you want to book a PG, look for its surrounding areas, so that you have an idea about the locality. There are many good places nearby. # PG Near DLF Phase 3 # Paying Guest in DLF Phase 3

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  • Shopping
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Metro Connectivity
  • Commute
  • Movie Theatres
  • Nightlife
  • Safety
  • Hospitals


Rent includes

  • noun_863403_cc Comfortable Beds with Mattress
  • noun_411269_cc Wardrobe & Side Table
  • noun_451706_cc AC
  • noun_474734_cc Geyser
  • noun_756169_cc TV with DTH

In this Area

Deez Biryani & Kebabs 0.4
Cake Away 0.5
First Eat 0.4
Dlf Services Limited 0.4
JMD Regent Plaza Mall 1.4
City Centre Mall 3.7
Guru Dronacharya Metro Station 1.2
Guru Dronacharya Metro Station Bus Stop 1.3
DLF & Cyber City Bus Stop 2.3


There are four CoHo properties near DLF Phase 3. There is a Girls Apartment, Boys Apartment, Girls PG and Boys PG near Phase 3. DLF Phase 3 is a highly developed area with everything within reach.

readymade meals are provided at CoHo DLF Phase 3. You can cook your own meals with the modern kitchen facilities provided, the kitchen is equipped with toaster, induction, and microwave, apart from basic utensils. So cook yourself a fresh meal stress free!

The Girls CoHos at DLF Phase 3 have security guards and CCTV cameras for security. There are also biometric locks for every CoHo accommodation to ensure that there is safety. Don’t worry about leaving your room unsafe when at CoHo!

The DLF Mega Mall is a nice place to shop as well as eat, take your pick from the restaurants there! Some cool restaurants you can try are Tunday Kababi (Indian food), Sweet Obsession (Desserts) and Italiano (Italian). There are many more restaurants to discover!

The mattresses used in the bedrooms in CoHo are high quality branded mattresses, because you deserve nothing but the best! The beds are comfortable and high quality, and all these contribute to making CoHo a place of comfort for its residents. Sleep in peace!

The water provided for drinking is filtered through an RO. The RO ensures that the water that the residents of CoHo drink are purified, the quality is assured. There is no question of unclean water being given that leads to health problems, so drink 8 glasses of water per day while being rest assured!

Yes, you will get a bed, a wardrobe and a side table when you move into a room in CoHo. The wardrobe and side table are not only extremely functional to keep your belongings, they are also stylish and they add to the décor of the room.

Yes, there is a dining room in the CoHos in DLF Phase 3. The dining room is the perfect place to eat every meal, whether it’s before going to work or having a relaxed dinner with your CoHo mates.

The Boys CoHo near DLF Phase 3 (Cyber City) has study tables. This is useful if you need to study or work long hours, as doing so without a study table can lead to bad posture and back aches.

Yes, friends are allowed in the CoHo as long as they do not disrupt the functioning of the CoHo and disturb the other residents. Friends are not allowed to stay over in the CoHo overnight. Short visits are more than welcome.