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ABOUT Hansraj College - North Campus

Finding affordable rentals can be difficult if you're new to Delhi. Hansraj College - Considered among the best colleges, the rentals of such PG’s are also very affordable near to the campus. Finding paying guest near Hansraj College is easy because the flats are available on sharing basis too. Easy and affordable with all lavish facilities and homecooked meals so, what are you waiting for? Stop existing, Start living. PG near Hansraj College without brokerage:PG for rent near Hansraj College is available at cheaper rent rates. You will two types of paying guests rooms here – one, with brokerage and the other segment is without brokerage. The flats which are available through agents or brokers are available at a little higher cost as compared to those available without brokerage. Finding Paying Guest on rent near Hansraj College is easy because the flats are available on sharing basis too. Thus the rentals of such hostels/paying guests are also affordable yet.Societies:Hansraj dramatics society, Swaranjali - the music society, Hansraj debating society, Terpsichorean - the choreography society, Oorja - the western dance society, Kavkyakriti - the Indian dance society, Ostraca - the creative writing societyNotable Alumni: Shah Rukh Khan, Aarti Bajaj, Aarti Bajaj, Abhinav Kashyap, Abhinav Kashyap, Aditya Jha, Aditya Jha, Ajay Maken, Ajay Maken, Anil Aggrawal, Anil Aggrawal, Anurag Kashyap, Anurag KashyapFest: Confluence # PG Near Hansraj College - North Campus - Delhi # Paying Guest near Hansraj College - North Campus - Delhi

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Rent includes

  • noun_863403_cc Comfortable Beds with Mattress
  • noun_411269_cc Wardrobe & Side Table
  • noun_451706_cc AC
  • noun_474734_cc Geyser
  • noun_756169_cc TV with DTH

In this Area

Masala Zone 2.8
Magikk Kitchen 1.5
Southern Welcome Restaurant 4
Twenty Four Seven 0.6
Azad Market 2
Karol Bagh Market 3
Vishwa Vidyalaya Metro Station 1.6
GTB Nagar Metro Station 1.6
Indira Gandhi International Airport 18


Yes there are quite a few really good pgs near hansraj college in the university of delhi. These pgs are not only very well furnished but also completely packed with all the amenities that you may need while living away from home. Not to mention these are quite affordable options to go for.

That depends on what you are looking for. The pgs as well as the flats are available on both sharing as well as single occupancy basis, depending on your preference and financial feasibility. Sharing is obviously more feasible, but if you like your privacy, single occupancy is definitely an option.

Yes. there are a lot of good hangout spots near hansraj college. Being in the north campus of the delhi university, hudson lane is the most popular hangout spot for students. Other places include the kamla nagar market where you can shop from the street vendors at very affordable prices.

Pretty convenient. The north campus, in which the hansraj college lies, is very close to the yellow line of the delhi metro railway network. You can easily take the train and reache the farthest corners of the city. Alternatively you can also take battery rickshaws for shorter distances or to the metros.

Yes. hansraj has hundreds of students looking for affordable pgs as well as flats just like you. Undoubtedly, they are also looking for some roommates. But that is not your headache. Coho finds like minded people also in need of a pg so you don’t have to go looking for roommates to share the flat with.

Yes, there are quite a few girls pgs near hansraj college. This is because, lot of students that study in hansraj college do not really belong to delhi and have come here to pursue their education. Therefore, these students and many like them, take up the paying guest situation to stay and study here.

Yes. delightfully so. We understand that usually the boys pgs that students and bachelors have to settle for poorly maintained, messy and often unhygienic pgs. But the ones provided by coho are actually pretty hygienic, clean and a treat to live in. boys deserve to come home to a good place after work too.

Yes, these pgs are very safe. Hansraj college lies in the north campus of the university of delhi. This is primarily a residential and student oriented areas and is pretty safe for students, girls and boys alike. You will often find the students living in this area hanging out till late in the evening in the nearby spots.

The pgs provided by coho does have the option of availing a cook service, who will provide you with meals including breakfast and dinner. Now you don’t have to worry about missing breakfast while running off to office or worry about cooking after coming back from a long day at college or work.

Yes. the pgs provided by coho are quite clean and hygienic. We understand the need to come back to a clean house and not worrying about cleaning up after a long and hectic day at work or college. There is a dedicated staff here that takes care of all the cleaning up so you don’t have to worry about it