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ABOUT Shakti Nagar

A lot is talked about the Shakti Nagar area near Delhi University. An area which has almost more than 10 colleges in a row; an area which has many eateries and famous food joints and an area which is surrounded by many bungalows and luxurious apartments. Shakti Nagar is a great example of perfect living standards. With extensions of our capital city to it, it has many cafes as well. Though this place is full of hustle bustle and crowd; the crowd mostly consists of youngsters and college students. You can roam here freely without any hindrance. The Shakti Nagar is a huge area, indeed and has a great atmosphere too. This place is the perfect place for living as well. You will come across many houses on rents and flats on rent for students, rather for all.PG near Shakti Nagar without brokerage:Shakti Nagar is one of the most populated areas in terms of Paying Guests and Hostel. The reason behind this crowd is the accommodation including the hostels and flats are available on rent with zero brokerage. Hence, are feasible and affordable. Today students from small towns and small cities migrate to the capital city for better and quality education. Also, many people are hired for jobs and work as well. Today, any student would like to stay in such a place where there are rooms or flats available for rent but with no brokerage, so that it becomes affordable to them. A great place for college students as well. # PG Near Shakti Nagar # Paying Guest in Shakti Nagar

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Rent includes

  • noun_863403_cc Comfortable Beds with Mattress
  • noun_411269_cc Wardrobe & Side Table
  • noun_451706_cc AC
  • noun_474734_cc Geyser
  • noun_756169_cc TV with DTH

In this Area

Sharma Kachoriwala 0.5
Gopal Foods 0.5
Bombay Blossoms 0.8
Parsvnath Metro Mall 4
DLF City Centre Mall 6
D Mall 6
Shakti Nagar- Nangia Park Bus Stop 0.5
Roop Nagar Bus Stop 0.5
Subzi Mandi Railway Station 2


Yes. shakti nagar is very close to the north campus and therefore it is only natural that there are quite a few fully furnished pgs in this area. This is because a lot of the students studying in the university of delhi are actually not from delhi but have come here to pursue their higher education.

Yes. we understand that it is actually pretty hard for bachelors to find a suitable place to live on rent. And if they do, it is usually priced pretty steep. But coho provides pgs and houses for bachelors and these places are fully furnished and an absolute delight to live at. So we got your back bachelors.

Shakti nagar area is really close to the north campus in the university of delhi. So some of the areas that are really close to shakti nagar are gtb nagar, kamla nagar and viswavidyalaya. These areas are so close that you mere need a rickshaw to get from one place to another in a matter of minutes.

The metro station that is nearest to shakti nagar is vishwavidyalaya metro station on the yellow line. Alternatively, one could also board a metro at the pulbangash metro station or the shastri nagar metro station that fall on the red line of the delhi metro railway network. These metro stations are a short auto or e rickshaw ride away.

Not too far at all. The shakti nagar area is actually quite close to the north campus in the university of delhi. The north campus colleges are scattered over these areas such as shakti nagar, hudson lane and so on. You can even walk from one college to another on a pleasant weather day.

Yes. there are a number of pgs for girls near the shakti nagar area. This is because the university of delhi accommodates a lot of students that are not actually from delhi but from other cities and have moved into delhi just to pursue their higher education. These kids need a pg to live in.

Yes these flats are quite affordable actually. Coho offers a selection of flats for you from which you can choose your desired flat according to your needs and economic feasibility. These flats are beautifully furnished and well maintained and come packed with all the amenities that you may need.

Not in the ones provided by coho. We believe boys and girls have a right to equal independence so there are no unreasonable restrictions. However we also maintain that the residents of the flats should maintain basic decorum and take appropriate safety measures for their own well being.

Yes. the pgs as well as flats provided by coho near shakti nagar are very spacious. These come in 2BHK, #BHK, studio apartments and so on, and the prospective tenant can choose the kind of flat that he or she wishes to stay in depending upon his or her own needs and paying capacity.

These pgs near shakti nagar come with a lot more perks than just being fully furnished. They have an xbox as well as a pool table that you can enjoy post your work or study to relax. More over, coho keeps organizing certain community nights such as karaoke nights where you can socialize and have fun.