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ABOUT Sohna Road

Sohna road is known for its exorbitant flats and lavish welcoming 5-star rated hotels for the extravagant and elite tourists. This road is often deserted but fills with traffic really quick.PGs near Sohna Road without brokerage- Are you planning for a change or looking for any accommodation that will suit your needs and your budget? You are at the right place. Sohna Road has many options for hostels and Paying Guest for both girls and boys that will fit your pocket. It is one of the most developed commercial hub as well as the best residential area for residing. PG and hostels available on rent at Zero brokerage at Sohna Road, ideal for both boys and girls. # PG Near Sohna Road # Paying Guest in Sohna Road

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  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Metro Connectivity
  • Commute
  • Movie Theatres
  • Nightlife
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Rent includes

  • noun_863403_cc Comfortable Beds with Mattress
  • noun_411269_cc Wardrobe & Side Table
  • noun_451706_cc AC
  • noun_474734_cc Geyser
  • noun_756169_cc TV with DTH

In this Area

Barbeque Nation 2 KM
Paradise Biryani 3KM
Coriander Leaf 2 KM
Omaxe City Centre 1 KM
Big Bazaar 1.5 KM
Raheja Mall 2 KM
Indira Gandhi International Airport 22 KM
Omaxe Gurgaon Mall Bus Stop 1 KM
Huda Metro Station 7 KM


Yes. sohna road has some really amazing residential areas where you can easily find a suitable accommodation according to your needs and budgets. Some places like vipul greens have amazing flats that would make anyone want to shift here without a second thought.

Not really. They just seem more expensive as there is a considerable amount of brokerage involved in finding a suitable flat. But it does not have to be so. is an organization that can help you find suitable fully furnished flats and they do not charge brokerage for it.

The quality of the pg is pretty good. That is one of the highest priority of the organization. To give high quality living spaces to the home seekers. Therefore special attention is given to furnishings, cleanliness, staff and all the amenities that come with the pg.

Yes. the flats or pg arrangements that you get through coho come with a lot more than just simple furnishings. The flat is beautifully furnished with beds and couches and also comes with all the amenities that a bachelor may need in his house while living away from home.

We understand that bachelors living away from home do not really get time for cooking as they are constantly busy dealing with either their jobs or their education. Therefore there are cook services available in the flats that you can avail to take care of your food needs.

These flats and pgs are quite secure. This is a residential area where a lot of families live in a community and therefore special measures are taken to ensure the safety and security of the fellow residents. Coho also makes sure that its properties are in a safe location.

Generally when you look for a flat lor a pg through a broker, a considerable amount of brokerage is involved. But coho does not charge brokerage for the services it provides. It helps you find your perfect home away from home but no overhead charge like brokerage is involved.

Yes. there is a certain amount of deposit involved which gets refunded or adjusted at the time when you leave the flat. This is a traditional practice and only fair as the landlords or the pg owners need a certain amount of time to find a replacement for you so it is quite ethical.

Not really expensive. Gurgaon hasample modes of transport. You can always rely on the delhi metro railway network for long distances. It is cheap and efficient. For travelling within gurugram, there are autos and cabs as well as shared shuttles and tempos.

Yes there are. Since sohna road has a large community of residential areas, it is important to have stores near by for the people to take care of their general day to day needs. You can find a few malls really close by which have some general stores that you can shop at.