Move-In Guidelines in the wake of COVID-19

Due to the ongoing and rapidly changing situation with the novel-coronavirus (COVID-19), the following protocols need to be mandatorily followed during the move-in, in the best interest of all residing in a shared living space:

1.  The resident will need to confirm the date & time of their arrival at least 24 hours prior at (

2.  Submission of self-declaration form here 24 hours prior to the arrival.

3.  The following process shall be followed at CoHo entrance:

4.  The resident will also be required to furnish a medical certificate from any doctor/clinic issued 24 hours prior to the arrival.

5.  The resident shall be required to home quarantine for 7 days in the same or nearby property as per government directive.

6.  The resident will be advised to not access any common area amenities for the first 48 hours.

7.  The resident to self-monitor their health post the move-in and to report promptly if they develop the following symptoms:

8.  In case of the above, the resident shall stay isolated in one room and is not expected to have contact outside the room till the duration of quarantine.

9.  The resident shall shift to a medical facility immediately if there are severe symptoms or if the treating medical officer suspects the resident to be COVID-19 infected. CoHo has the rights to take a decision on this based on the situation to ensure everyone's safety.

Note: It's mandatory for the residents to abide with all COVID-19 related stay guidelines issued by CoHo from time to time, in the interest of their own health and that of their fellow residents. In the event of any failure to do so, CoHo reserves the right to ask any resident to immediately vacate the premises.

Recommended Guidelines for your safety:

The health and wellbeing of our community is our first priority & we expect the compliance of all the protocols laid out.

Let’s fight this epidemic together!

Stay Guidelines

1.  Residents are expected to keep their valuables locked in their own custody safely and take care of their belongings at all times.

CoHo is not responsible for any theft or mishap occurring to a Resident on account of any other Co-Residents or act of any third party. Also, any unexpected damages occurred by externalities like electricity outage, theft, etc would be outside the purview of CoHo’s responsibilities.

2.  Residents are expected to maintain cordial behavior with other Co-Residents of the facility. Any kind of verbal or physical abuse vitiating the living environment will not be tolerated.

CoHo shall not be responsible for the interpersonal behavior of any Resident(s) and arbitration of any disputes between any of the Residents. Any act of abuse or vandalism of any kind will lead to immediate termination from the facility with forfeiture of Security Deposit and possibility of legal action by CoHo based on the gravity of the situation.

3.  Residents are expected to take due care and make reasonable usage of all the furniture, appliances, infrastructure and services in the facility.

Cost of any repairs/replacements for any damages in the room or the common area caused by a Resident will be recovered immediately or adjusted in his/her Security Deposit. Any damages in common area or within room (where there are multiple roommates in a room) will be evenly distributed amongst all active residents, unless the actual culprit is brought forward by thecommunity unanimously.

4. Residents can request for a change of room/facility in event of extreme non-compatibility with other Co-Residents in the room/facility.

In the rare event that a CoHo Resident has extreme discomfort with his/her housemates, he/she can request for a change of his/her room or the facility altogether. Please note that the option to permit the same would be allowed in extreme situations only and would be at the sole discretion of the CoHo administration. The same would also be subject to vacancy in other facilities and any other additional shifting charges and enhanced rent as may be applicable for the other room/ facility.

5.  Residents are expected NOT to tamper or fiddle around with the Prepaid Electricity Meters, WiFi Routers, CCTV Cameras, Locks, etc provided in the facility.

CoHo has a zero tolerance policy towards fiddling with the infrastructure as this has serious ramifications on its service delivery. CCTV cameras installed in the facility are not meant for Resident’s viewing in any case and cannot be demanded as matter of right. Any Resident found tampering/fiddling with the same would be asked to vacate the facility immediately with his/her Security Deposit forfeited.

6.  Residents are expected to recharge electricity and make payment directly via the prepaid meters.

CoHo will provide a working prepaid electricity meter in every room and the Resident shall be responsible for recharging the same at his/her end. For CoHo floors/apartments, the common area electricity to be recharged by the Residents for the meter installed in the common area. CoHo shall not be recharging any of the meters or arbitrate amongst the Co-Residents in there is a dispute between the Co-Residents regarding the same.

7.  Residents are expected to behave professionally with CoHo staff and abide by the guidelines of harmonious stay at CoHo.

CoHo reserves the right to showcase the rooms in the facility to other prospective clients at all times. Interrupting any sales visit or causing any direct or indirect disruption in the same will lead to penal financial implications for the offending Resident. 

Misbehavior or misconduct (physical or verbal) with the Resident Facility Manager, Chef, Housekeeper, Guard or other staff in CoHo villa will lead to immediate termination of stay at CoHo with forfeiture of Security Deposit. Depending upon the gravity of the matter, CoHo reserves the right to take legal action against the offending Resident.

8.  Residents are expected to be responsible for their guests’ behavior in common areas and are NOT allowed to entertain them in their rooms or for overnight stays.

Guest policy of CoHo allows the Residents to occasionally entertain guests in the facility without causing discomfiture to other Co-Residents. They are expected to be responsible for reasonable behavior of their guests and ensure that there is no conflict on account of the same. Overnight stay of the guests is strictly not allowed and complaints by other Co-Residents on account of the same could lead to strict penal action against the offending Resident.


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